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Take your to-do list with you!

Flash Drive Ready, Portable To-Do List Software

Smart To-Do List software can easily be run from a USB flash drive.

Installation Directions:

During the installation of Smart To-Do List it is possible to select where you would like it installed. If you select a folder located on your flash drive it will be installed there.

If it is already installed:

  1. Locate the application directory at "C:\Program Files\Smart To-Do List\".

  2. Copy the files "Smart To-Do List.exe" and "smarttodolisthelp.chm".

  3. Place a copy of these files in the desired location (e.g. your USB flash drive).

Additional Information

When the software is run from the default location (see step 1 above) the xml file that contains the to-do list items is placed in the My Documents directory.

If the software is run from any other location, the xml file will be located in the same directory as the application itself.

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