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Easily Add To-Do List Items

Easily Add To-Do List Items

To add an item to your list simply select the project, type in the to-do, and press enter. It doesn't get any simpler than that!

Prioritize To-Do List Items

Prioritize Items

To-do list items can quickly and easily be prioritized. Prioritizing items will allow you to quickly review the most important items on your list. Items can have a high, medium, or low priority.

Tag To-Do List Items

Tag Your To-Do List Items

Optionally tag to-do list items for easy sorting and viewing.

Filter To-Do List Items

Filter Your List Easily

To-do list items can be filtered by priority or tag.

Command Based Entry

Command Based Entry

Filters, priorities, projects, and many other options can be performed from the To-Do / Command input box. In fact, any task that can be performed with the mouse can also be performed by typing simple commands.

Export To-Do List Items

Export Your To-Do List

To-do lists can be exported to a Text file or as an HTML file.

Create a template from a to-do list

Create To-Do List Templates

Have a list that you need to use over and over again? Your to-do list can easily be saved as a template for future re-use.

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